Friday, 26 April 2013

So I went to Pennys...

So I was in town today and I decided to pop into Penny's (Primark). And as every girl knows you can't just go into Pennys or walk through it without picking something up, it's just impossible!
Exactly 6 weeks from today my friends and I will be leaving for Magaluf  :)
I've been dying to go holiday shopping since we have booked it but I have been busy with college and exams. But today I could not resist :) There was a million and one things that I wanted but I settled and just picked up two bikinis, already excited :) EKKK!

These two bikinis I purchased came in separate top's and bottoms which is way better then the sets that are let's say 8 on top and  8 on bottom, because usually people differ on top and on bottom which ends up with people swapping different tops and bottoms and it just leaves it messy. So I was happy to see these two not in a set but separate.

                                                                                  Top: 7
                                                                               Bottoms: 5

Top: 8
Bottom: 5

I really like both patterns, they are something that I usually wouldn't go for, my previous bikinis were plain. But this year I decided against my boring old ways and to try something new :) The only downside that I have with the gold one is the bottoms are very low in the front and as I do not suffer from "a beach body" I feel that I may be a little self-conscious in them but I have six weeks to sort that out ;)   

There wasn't a great selection in the Penny's in my town, Ireland I feel never get's as nice things as let's say England. Even bigger city's in Ireland like Dublin get better stock than the smaller one's, because of this there was a lot of bikinis that I already had from last year. 
Here are a few that I picked up last summer.


     The two bikinis above I purchased in a set for 12 last year. I didn't think that they would be any good size wise or look good on, but I have to say I LOVED the polka dot one on. I even switched around the bottoms  pairing it with either purple or red!  

This was a last minute purchase at the check out for 3.50 they are by far the best lashes that I have used, LOVE them. 

As we are speaking of summer I decided to show some summer color nail polishes that I love and after the dark colors of winter it is nice to be able to use these again :) 

Lavender Cupcake, Bubblegum Pink, Lemon, SpectaculART.  

So I'm sure in the next few weeks I will be making a number of purchases, both online and in stores :) Can't wait to see what they are :)  Anyone going anywhere nice this summer? or has anyone any good website for summer clothes? 

Have a great weekend :) 


Monday, 22 April 2013

"This diamond has so many carats it's almost a turnip"

                                      “Costume jewelry is not made to give women an aura of wealth,
                                                          but to make them beautiful” - Coco Chanel 

So in my usual fashion of do everything BUT study I decided to tackle the mess that is was my Jewellery box. Someone gave my mum a gift set of smelly showery essentials and I was left with the box. I don't know what I did before I got this box because it contains it all, in one tangled messed up pile and it has a clasp so i can lock it up if I'm taking it anywhere.

I go through my fazes. One minute I don't wear any Jewellery on my arms or ears, just one or two rings. The next I have twenty billion (slight over exaggeration)  teeny bracelets shoved on one arm. So as I was cleaning them and un-tangling them I decided to take some photo's to show what kind of Jewellery I had.   

                                                                               "A la mess"

"I wear my heart on my sleeve"

"Present, heart, twenty-one, awkward turtle"

                                                            "So little time, so much to do"

                                                                       "Gold and Silver"

Statement Necklaces are a key item to have in everyone's jewelerry collection. These three I picked up from Penny's (Primark). The two gold ones were around 5 euro which the shoe horse silver necklace I got for 3 euro.  

"Charmed I'm sure"

These four charm bracelets are oldies but goodies. The one on the far right is my mothers and she had it when she was a little girl. I think it is amazing that it was still kept and it has the most random little charms, there was one I couldn't figure out for ages but I soon realized he was part of the Disney community, it was Donald ducks head(!?). I tried to get a photo but as it was so small it wouldn't focus properly.  

"Heart to Heart"

"Kiss me"


"You can always tell what kind of a person a man really thinks you are by the earrings he gives you"
                                                                                                                                               Audrey Hepburn

So that is all the bits and bobs I had lying around in that box. There was some random pieces but I thought I would keep it to the plain and simple ones. 
I can't wait to hit Penny's (Primark) and River Island for my holiday bit's. I plan on buying a lot more statement necklaces, rings and little simple bracelets to get me through the summer. 

(also random fact, in the USA they spell it Jewlery, while in the UK it's Jewellery. I am from neither and I call it the latter, oh well!!

Happy Monday!


"You call yourself Fat Amy?" "Ya, so twig bitches like you don't do it behind my back"

Jelly for breakfast (sigh...........).

A new low for me. 

The ever so fabulous Kate Moss once uttered the controversial line: 

"Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels"

Well I am sorry Mrs.Moss but clearly you have never had a chicken fillet roll from Centra after a night out!

Seen to many as an encouraging motto for anorexia it can be seen in a positive light to those who just want to be healthy? Whatever way we look at it our weight does not define who we are but it can have a serious impact in our lives, too thing, too fat. You can't win either way.
So what I am trying to do is find the happy medium.

I'm 'average'. 

My BMI tells me that I am a 'normal weight'. Does this mean that I should keep eating the food I am eating or stop exercising? This sudden burst of healthiness is long over due for me. Up to the age of 16 I played a number of sports and could easily run for a half an hour without keeling over. 

Nowadays, three minutes on a treadmill and I'm gasping for breath. 

One thought: THAT SH!T CRAY.

Its exam time and even though I would thoroughly enjoying stuffing my face, anything to help make 20th Century Literature more bearable, I can't. I would like to save the eyes of many from having to look at me parade around in a bikini 6 weeks from now. 

So instead of that loaf of bread that is calling my name from the press I'll have to settle for an apple instead.... 

Now back to Moore, Yeats and Joyce..........I hate you guys. 


Saturday, 20 April 2013

Beachy Goodness.

So our walk on the beach yesterday turned into a typical summery evening which consisted of acting like a child on a trampoline,  eating a 99’ ice cream cone by the sea,  running around sand dunes like we had never been on one in our lives and chips to end (diet for Maga OUT the window!!).

Sligo is a beautiful place to live and I take some of the sights we have to offer for granted. It has some lovely beaches and Strand hill has to be the most beautiful one. However THIS is not something I take for granted and in a heartbeat I would live right beside here (Instead of a 20 minute car drive, but it’s worth it!).    It is popular for it's surfing and it is not a beach one can go swimming at on a hot day. A walk on the beach and it's surrounding area's will have to suffice!

I left this written in the sand with my hand print :) 

And a sun set to end our rosemantic evening. 

As nice as it looked it was Baltic out and I was glad I brought my jacket and hat with me. Cold aside I can't wait to spend a lot more time down in Strand hill this summer. 


Friday, 19 April 2013

Let's go to the beach...

So another week is nearly upon me and I am one week closer to my first final year exam. Before we even had a chance to take off our winter coats the much anticipated days of ‘summer’ is nearly upon us.  An exciting season for most, but for us Irish especially the younger population summer means going on the ever so popular J1, going inter-railing or holidays: anywhere to catch a glimpse of the sun’s rays.

Every year the sun forgets about this emerald green isle which causes us to chase it to the sunnier side of the world. Back in the old days (Yes I have just uttered those line’s) summer for me and my siblings consisted of playing in the river beside our house, running around outside until it was dark, heading to the beach and a 99 ice cream cone (which ironically cost’s 1.80 nowadays).  

Sun holiday’s where not part of my family’s summer, it was something that we never did but I don’t feel that I missed out on anything. But as I grow older the urge to ‘leave on a jet plane’ grew and last summer I was working full time and I went away twice: at the beginning of the summer to Tenerife and a ten day holiday in august to Majorca with a group of my friends.


So as summer 2013 is slowly approaching it only made sense to grab a few of the girls and head somewhere sunny, it’s our final hurrah (doubtful it will be the last) to Magaluf. EEEKKK!  

With only 7 weeks to go I can’t wait to go holiday shopping (my Want Worthy list is growing everyday) and just have a good time with the girls! Speaking of which were off to the beach now for a walk, in the words of  my two favorite bloggers, Zoella and Sprinkle of Glitter (and someone called Nicki Minaj);



Thursday, 18 April 2013

The "Art's" of Procrastination:

I am currently sitting in the library of my college and looking around at the several empty seats that surround me. More then half of the seats are student-less yet there are laptops and books on all of them. Where have the student body of NUIG migrated too? OH waaaaaait.....

It’s that time of year again, when Facebook, Twitter and YouTube become the most interesting things in our lives. The Bialann (For those who do not speak Irish it means Restaurant, and in my college it is the cafeteria of the college). is packed to the gills with hungry, tired and 'do anything but study' students. Procrastination is what we live for during exam time, anything to keep us from opening that book for the pending (may I add dreaded) exams. Refreshing your Facebook news feed ten thousand times a day is a must and that video on YouTube of ‘How animals eat’ must be watched a few more times because ‘Sure the exams are still a few weeks away’ (If you haven’t seen this video yet I urge you to drop everything you are doing and watch it NOW, you can thank me later!).

This sudden urge of procrastination that takes over the student body near exam time is a phenomenon.  Seemingly a number of students also take on bouts of this act throughout the year all caused by the act of ‘college work’. Colleges may have banned Facebook from library computers but that has  not stopped us from checking out what Kim Kardashian is eating for dinner or trying to get Dan from Geordie shore to 'follow' us.

2013 is an era where looking at a ‘wall’ is more interesting than reading a book.  Sitting at your laptop wishing that word count would go from zero to three thousand causes us to reward ourselves after 100 words to a go on a “short-break”. One minute on Facebook can turn into a three hour creep session on your friends, friends, hot friends neighbor.  That little red notification at the top of your page will fill your stomach with excitement only to find out it’s a Farmville request.

So the solution to this internet enslaved procrastination you say?

Well for some they need that night before stress to push them to work, others need there internet cable cut. While it’s all good and well to have a study break now and again throughout the day your degree is something that will last with you a life time. Only when all is said and done will you look back and wish you hadn't spent your day glued to your computer screen and instead  your head in the book. 

Now by all mean's I am know one to judge! I have procrastinated many hour's of my life away, but you learn from your mistakes. 
Did I mention I am procrastinating right now? Sure if I wasn’t how else would I know who of my 432 'friends' birthday it was?    

T-minus one weeks till exam time.

Oh, hello youtube…. 


Feng Shui!

A cluttered room always makes me feel like I have a cluttered mind.
I have a desk in my room that has been there through my entire teenage years, so as I haven’t been a teenager in two years I figured it was time to get rid of it and move on to bigger and better things! It’s annoying having half of my stuff in Galway and half in Sligo but once May 10th comes I’ll be moving home for good  *cue numerous sad faces* Which means more clutter for me to try and locate in my room! So as I put it earlier I want a “grown up” room!! Now in place of the desk is (some of) my shooooes <3 

After my exams are finished I plan on picking out new paint for my white walls, new curtains and basically new everything for it!  New room, new me and a fresh start to this education free adventure I am about to embark on.
Only problem with my room is lack of storage, so I can’t wait to get shelves put in so I can display all my photos and books! When I was tidying the rest of my books away earlier I forgot I left this pile in the hall :-/
Now I have to go and sort all my shoes and the rest of the mess that is my room right now.Slight obsession with black shoes I know ! :O But these bad boys are going to new homes.

Now I have "SO MUCH MORE ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES" and an excuse to buy a lot more shoes, yay! :)  

Seven Deadly Sins Beauty Tag!

So this tag was floating around you tube a couple of months ago and I loved watching a number of You tubers that I follow do this so I decided to do a written version instead!!
1. GREED: What is your most inexpensive beauty item? What is your most expensive?
The most inexpensive beauty item that I own would have to be some nail polish by Essence which I got for about 1 euro and something cent. It’s not that great it chips so easily and was just an impulse buy. The most expensive beauty item is my GHD which cost 200 euro. It was gotten by my parent’s for my sixteenth birthday, 5 years later and it is still going strong. I have defiantly got the money’s worth out of it!
2. WRATH: What beauty products do you have a love/hate relationship with?
I think a lot of girls will be able to relate to this love/hate relationship: Fake Tan. I have tried many products and have had many disasters with a few but in the end i always fall back on the reliable Sally Hansen. I love looking tanned it makes you feel better and clothes look so much nicer on tanned skin. I have sallow skin so when I go out in the sun I tan very easily however as I live in Ireland and the sun comes to visit us once a year I barely get a chance to catch it’s rays. So fake tan is always in my beauty corner! As much as I love Sally Hansen it does have it’s downsides. Intended for ‘airbrushed legs’ most people use it all over their body. But if caught in the rain  or someone spills a drink on you on a night out, you can say goodbye to the ‘sun kissed glow’ (It states that it is waterproof but it becomes quite streaked if water gets on it)! It rubs off on your clothes very easily and if you don’t shower the day after using it you can end up looking quite patchy.
None the less Sally will always be on standby for me, its quick and easy to apply, just remember stay out of the rain ladies!
3. GLUTTONY: What are your most delicious beauty products?
My most delicious beauty products would defiantly have to be my Soap and Glory products. When I use them I feel so cleansed and my skin is so soft. They smell yummy and look yummy. People always ask me what I’m wearing when I have used them because they smell so good. Speaking of which Boots own brand Cocoa Butter is also one of my most delicious beauty products. Makes my skin smell nice and smooth!
4. SLOTH: What beauty product do you neglect, due to laziness?
Beauty products that I neglect would have to be (and it pains me to admit this) is stuff to clean my face. I literally use baby wipes all the time and wash my face with just Dove soap and water.I use Nivea’s moisturizer but that is literally it. I have clear skin so maybe it’s a good thing I don’t use too much products on my face!
5. PRIDE: What beauty product gives you the most self confidence?
There are three two beauty products which give me the most self confidence. The first is a nice perfume, nothing makes me feel as good as smelling nice and knowing other people can smell it. My friend recently got me Armani Code which is my favorite perfume in the world and I love wearing it. The second would have to be fake eyelashes. As eyes are “windows to your soul” I feel most confident when the are looking big and captivating.
6. LUST: What attributes do you find most attractive in the opposite sex?
In the opposite sex I find smell very attractive (and I don’t mean their body odor ). If a guy is wearing an aftershave (Particularly Paco Rabanne One million) I can’t help but be a little but attracted. Also shoes. This is weird thing for me but if a guy is not wearing nice shoes it instantly turns me off so nice shoes makes me I suppose more attracted?
7. ENVY: What items would you most like to receive as a gift?
This was the most easiest question to answer. There are two products that I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to receive as a gift. They are currently on my WANTWORTHY list and one day I hope to get them. The first is a Micheal Kors Rose Gold watch. UGH I am obsessed with it that or a plain gold watch from his line! The second is a little bit greedy of me as they do cost quite a bit. But a Chanel Classic Black Flap Bag. Oh I have had my eye’s on them for years but that dream to own a genuine one is far far away. It is an item which will most defiantly be on my want list for a very long time!!