Friday, 29 November 2013

Catch Up!

So once again I am lacking in the blogsphere!!

The last month a lot of things have been going on, first of all at the end of October I GRADUATED :) 

So finally with the degree in the bag thanks to NUIG, we enjoyed a few days in Galway until......  
my purse and iPhone got stolen.
So this lead to a few days of unhappiness no iphone and 40 euro down but thankfully I had insurance on my phone so I got a new one a month later. 
Also to anyone that has an iPhone GET the find my iPhone app!!
I had it set up but unfortunately didn't have icloud set up properly so we couldn't track the phone when it was stolen. Anyway everything worked out in the end and I am building up the stolen cards for my new purse!
So having to go back to a blockia for a month had me out of the social media world for a while because SURPRISE SURPRISE my laptop stopped working!

At the minute I am currently in South-end on sea in Essex visiting a friend, heading to London tomorrow and I CANNOT wait!! 

Now I'm off into town on my own, wish me luck that I don't get lost, ekk!!