Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Set your spirit free

Strandhill beach: 4.9.16


It's been more than a month since I had handed in my thesis and was on the way home from limerick and ultimately finishing up my life as a college student. 

I'm three weeks or is it four weeks (??) into my time at the local newspaper in my area.

When did I become a real working journalist? Can I even call myself that yet?

The pieces that I am writing have given me a feeling that I am writing them for a lecturer to grade.

But there they are in print on a Tuesday morning, for all the world to read.

I'm running around town like a headless chicken, doing vox-pops and you know what. I like it.

For once in my life I don't feel scared or have the feeling of what am I doing with my life
 I feel proud to be able to say that I am a Journalist.

Rosses point beach: 21.9.16

That feeling of dread I felt the last year, well it's kind of left me as I get excited about the future.
 I have realised that the world is my oyster, I can finally do what I've wanted to do with my life.
No college is in my way.

But of course there is the money situation.
I haven't won the lotto just yet so of course I won't be jet-setting off around the world just yet.

But I am beginning to realise my worth.
I'm finally doing what I've worked towards all my college days.
Journalism; being a writer; not quiet a fashion journalist yet, but I'm excited to start working towards that dream.

Being back in Sligo has it's ups and downs with half of my bestest of friends living in England and the other half are all busy working, no social life for moi.
But I am learning to embrace what the town has to offer.

Culture Night @The Model Sligo 16.9.16

While I sit here in the office with the deadline looming for this weeks edition, the urge to escape this tiny town is coming back. 

Without the pretty beaches I  think I would be going crazy. 

I love being beside the sea, it makes me feel like I can escape at any time. ....that there is so much out there beyond the water than this town that feels like it's beginning to smother me, call me over dramatic but that has to be more to life than 9-5? 

Rosses Point Beach: 21.9.16

Over and out.