Thursday, 11 July 2013

Wake me Up Foundation Review & O.O.T.D.

So I have recently jumped on the band wagon and purchased the Rimmel Wake Me up Foundation. I had read many review's about it and seen people rave about it on YouTube so I said I would give it a go.
So off I went to a 20% sale in a pharmacy in town and I picked it up. The first thing I had trouble with was deciding what color to go for. Rimmel is known for having a small selection of shades to choose from but thankfully one of the sales assistants helped me out and I settled for 103 True Ivory. It is a teeny bit paler than I would normally go for but the next color up would have been way to dark!

So my first thoughts?

Usually I am never fussy with foundation but this one in this heat wave that we are having recently in Ireland is making my face look extra sweaty (nice image right!??). It's nice that it has SPF 15 as I know my face is protected. It seems very shimmery in the bottle but when it goes onto your face it doesn't show up as much. I also don't like how the foundation goes on with a brush I find I have to use my hands/sponge to blend it in. Hopefully with a new foundation brush I will have a better finish.

All I can say is if you have oily skin I would defiantly give this a miss. I have dry skin and even on me I feel it is sliding off my face. I suppose I will only know if I truly like it when the weather decides to cool down but for now it is a bit too moisturizing for my face.

As weather is so nice the last week I have got to dress nice and summery. So here is my outfit of the day.  

Top:  2 pennys

Shorts:  28 Pull & Bear

Necklace:  €5 Pennys

Sandals:  €8 Pennys

Now I'm off to enjoy a family BBQ and this scorching weather! 

Hope the sun is shining on you wherever you are! :)


Saturday, 6 July 2013

Nails of the week! "You're only helpless when your nail polish is wet...."

So I am a person that get's bored of my nail polish color very easily and this week was no exception! I'm not aloud to wear nail polish to work (as I work with food) but as I haven't had many hour's this past week (zero to be exact) I thought I would take full advantage of this!!

I picked up two Catrice nail polishes in my local pharmacy that were a bit more summery/pastel colored.The three nail polishes I have below are in the 2-4 price range. They may be cheap but they are of a great quality. The two brands I have used can be found in most local pharmacy's with Penny's selling both brands there a while ago!

*Excuse the messiness around certain nails I ran out of nail polish remover :-/

                                             "So many nail polishes....not enough fingers"

NYC: Times Square (224)

CATRICE: Don't Tell Mademoiselle! (02)

CATRICE: Play it Blue (C02, Limited Editon, Candy Shock) 


So that has been my nails for the past week! I do find the NYC red 'fades' around the tips of my nails rather than chips. On the bright side the Catrice last a good few days without chipping! I am loving the last color it's so different from any other shade I've had before. It is also really nice that it isn't a gloss finish when it drys it has a matte finish which I love whereas the other two have a glossy shine! The odd thing about 'Play it blue' is that it states on the back of the bottle that it has an 'ultimate gloss'. Not sure where they were going with that but the picture speaks for itself!

I did purchase more items today in Boots etc so I will be doing a new post on that tomorrow!

                Anyone have any nail polish recommendations? Loving pastel colors at the moment!!