Monday, 26 October 2015

Wishing my life away!

They are everywhere at the minute and I need to get my hands on one ASAP!

A Daniel Wellington look a like with half the price tag! A Christmas present that would make my year (hint, hint...)

It will never go out of fashion but for now my Penny's one will have to suffice. 

I want, I NEED!

I know it can look a bit 'tacky' for everyday use but for a night out it is perfect! Take a peek inside and you'll see why!

This jacket.*sigh* I tried it on in the shop and had to be pulled away from it. This picture does not do it justice. If you are in the shop try it on or at least touch it. Pricey but it would last FOREVER. 

Tights. Chunky Knit. Chelsea boots. Enough said.

I'm regretting not keeping the one I had when I was 12.... 

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Sligo Favourites

You would swear that I am a thousand miles from home and that I will never be home again.
 But there's nothing like being away for a while to make you appreciate how pretty 'home' looks. 
Some of these photos where taken in the summer so clearly the sunshine helps with how good they look. But Yeats didn't call Sligo 'The Land of Hearts Desire' for nothing....


Keash Caves

Knocknarea Trail 

Benbulen (climbed from the front)

Benbulen (climbed from the back, the proper way!)


Slish Wood  

Hazelwood (Lough Gill) 

All photos taken by moi and copyright © thislifediary 


Friday, 23 October 2015

*insert inspirational quote here*

If I waited until I felt like writing I would never write at all. 

I used to write nearly every day for years. I have a journal. One that I still keep and that features the tales and woes of my teenage years and the some tales of my terrible twenties (the early years, did I mention I am old now. like heading towards mid-twenites old aka my scary age.)
Then writing was every few weeks. Notepads where replaced by floppy discs and then it was on to the laptops. My first laptop I poured my heart and soul into a certain journal-esque word document that unfortunately (or fortunately; I haven't decided) will now never see the light of day thanks to my never ending unlucky streak of bad luck with laptops. But this blog of random ramblings is a nice way to keep all those memories, open for the random people of the internet to read.

 Anyway now writings has become a monthly thing and the fun of it seems to be lost in the every expanding pile of college work that is being laid out in front of us.
I am getting bogged down by a certain area the whole 'pulling news stories' out of my ass sort of area. But I have to keep reminding myself that this is what I always wanted to do.
To be a writer sounds like a stupid dream a 7 year old has after reading too many Roald Dahl books.
 But it is still what I want to be when I grow up. So I purchased a new journal.
That I am going to take with me everywhere, write down every idea, doddle, thought, feeling because there really is no better feeling than looking back and seeing, yes SEEING how you felt at that time.
 Words are like pictures. But they say a hell of a lot more than pictures.
Well would you look at me getting all inspirational and arty farty.
So where was I? YES writing. The window to my the soul. The way to make all the mumble jumble in your head make sense.

I write because I don't know what i think until I read what I say. 

I am not sure where I am going with this post. I think I am just feeling over whelmed with college, work and I haven't been home in 5 weeks so things are just a little strange. 
Unfamiliar but at the same tine I feel quite content.
 So yes this post is literally leading no where so I am off to sleep these 6 am starts are killer on the fabulous bags under my eyes. Bags that concealer just will not hide.

Chat yeah!

Monday, 7 September 2015

Take every chance. Drop every fear.

If you told me this time last year I would have had my first day as a postgraduate over and done with I would have laughed! I thought I would still be wandering aimlessly through life as a deli girl heading nowhere pretty fast all the while still shacked up in my parents house with no internet yet an endless supply of free food. 

Now fast forward on to the present day and I am part-time deli girl and full time student! Living with four random people in a not so warm house. BUT it is one of the nicer college house's I have experienced (except the one weird housemate but I will leave that for another day!)
Orientation day was a daunting experience but I walked every inch of the University of Limerick campus with 14 other Journalism post grads and a few Law students and it actually went pretty well! The day has been a long time coming and even though I do not know a sin or soul in this college or county it has been a less scarier day than expected! Plus the pints at the end of it all made getting to know the class a bit easier. 

That's not to say I am not already shitting myself about the 15,000 word dissertation that we already have the title of that's due next August or the fact that I might not see my friends or family for a while because I got a part time job in Limerick as *DUN DUN DUN* a deli girl (we're the best kinda girls)

I know Sligo isn't a million miles away ( 138.5 miles to be exact and five and a half hours on a bus I'll have you know) and what really threw it into perspective today was the fact that a girl in my course has moved all the way from RUSSIA ( that is 3759 miles......give or take a mile). And here I am whinging about the bus trek home!!

Having officially had my first day of lectures over with I can say how PETRIFYING it actually was. And I think the lecturers take a slight satisfaction in warning us that this year is going to be SO INTENSE. It's a little shock to the system being back in a lecture, and having to take notes and also realizing half way through your notes that your spelling has deteriorated significantly since your last stint in college.

As if the swamp load of information wasn't enough to send my brain into overdrive the course director asked me to stand up in the middle of the room and answer; 'Where do you see yourself in five years?' To which I not so confidently answered, 'um hopefully writing somewhere as a journalist'.  Now if I just repeat the mantra, 'I am a journalist' twenty times a day hopefully I will start to believe it, and in myself. I've always been the type of person to look around and feel a bit lost while also thinking that ever one else has got it sussed out already. It is time to have confidence and in this type of career it is key.

Now I am off to write a two min radio essay piece on Game of Thrones that is due tomorrow and then to start doing a presentation due Wednesday. Yes first day and we already have work.

Any one else start there first day as a fresher or post grad?


Sunday, 10 May 2015

Inter-railing Tips

Last year I went inter-railing around Europe for one month.
Three girls, four weeks and endless trains.
Let me tell you it was the best decision that I have ever made and I would be going again this year if I wasn't starting my masters in Limerick this coming September.
 One month, riding around on a train for hours, in countries where you don’t speak the language, lugging around a back pack that weighs more than yourself may not sound like everyone’s cup of tea. But believe me when I say this, it is worth it every sore muscle.

We traveled through many different countries, check out some of my blog posts about them here and here.  
So I thought I would share a few tips that might help other people who have decided to take on the big bad world of inter-railing this summer. I used many blogs for tips before I went so I thought it might come in handy to share my experience.

The Bag:
I thought I would have to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a high tech savvy rucksack that would last me the month. BUT boy was I wrong, check out this back pack.

Lidl’s finest.
Price: 29 euro.
And not one thing broke on it! And this got thrown, sat on, and pulled all over the place.
If that doesn't take your fancy and to save yourself even more dolla, ask around and see if anyone you know has one gathering dust on the top of their wardrobe. Borrow instead of spending a ridiculous about of money on a Bear Gryll's type of rucksack that you might never use again.

So I will be the first to admit that I am the worst packer in the world, and I am sure I am not the only girl out there. I went out on Saturday night to my friend’s house and had to bring a suitcase because I had so much stuff with me, I.e two items of everything ( a girl needs her back up outfit and her back up back up outfit.)  So you can imagine how hard it was for me to pack for a month travelling around thinking not only about comfort but also practicality and style.

In the end I ended up wearing NEARLY everything I brought with me, but if I was going again I would not bring half as many clothes.
The essentials for me would be:

A zip up hoody because even if the country is hot, it does get cold at night (I used mine to cover my pillow at night, some might find this weird but I preferred breathing into my hoody then a pillow used my many many people even with the fresh pillowcases!).
A rain jacket, once again not everywhere is sunshine and lollipops.
One pair of practical trainers, for me it was black converse.Because believe me you don’t want to be running for a train in flipflops or flimsy sandals.  

Two pairs of sandals (feet need sunshine too yanno)
Leggings (light, easy to pack and they go with most things)
A few versatile t shirts, shorts and your good to go.
An adapter
A blowup neck pillow-easy to store and your new best friend for the next month.

Money, money, money:
It’s all down to you and your travel buddies where you want to stay when travelling around, you can go for cheap hostels or you can go for expensive hotels. It’s all down to yourself.
People have asked me how much spending money you would need when going for a month and I would HONESTLY say that 2000 euro was what I would have. I know it does sound like a lot of money to spend in a month, but between paying for your hotels (our hostels collectively came to around 500 euro WHICH is not bad for a month) getting buses, taxis, metros, paying for activities and eating out for all our meals, and going out drinking it actually was not THAT much.
Keep in mind you can do it more cheaply. You could go for cheaper hostels, etc etc.
 But each to their own.
Now another tip, I am from Ireland so we use Euro, as do a lot of countries but not ALL the countries we visited used euro so we did have to exchange our currency a few times, thankfully if was only 3 times. SO before you go check out what countries you need to exchange your money in it will save you a lot of hassle.
Another tip would be to buy a bum bag.

Not the most fashionable ones going I KNOW but there were so handy.
We each had one which we used when we were going on trains and for certain day trips, our passports, interrail ticket, money AND phone fit in it perfectly and where easy to hind under clothes. I slept with mine under my pillow at night and believe me you need too as one night the two girls I went with got robbed as they left there’s beside them in the bed. So get one, there easy to conceal as they are so flat, you cant even tell I am wearing mine in this picture

The trains:
I thought that we would get a lot more lost then we did. But in fact every train ride went smoothly for us.  It was all thanks to the interrailing app which is available to download on the app store. It works off line and was so easy to navigate!
It told us how long the train journeys were, the name of each stop and this was important because they don’t let you know when your stop is coming up and if they do it’s in a different language.
The one thing I would say is reserve your seats for your train journeys.  The only time we didn’t was when we were travelling from Warsaw to Berlin and we ended up sitting on the ground for 9 hours.

So when you get to your first destination, go to the train station find out the times the train goes and reserve your seats. The price is not included in your inter-railing ticket but to reserve is only a few euro! So every time we got off the train at our said destination we went to the ticket desk reserved seats and then we were set up for the next train trip. 
It is every man for themselves at train stations and don't forget to ask questions, there are so many people interrailing along similar routes so asking other people can help you get on the right track.
Keep in mind trains do get delayed we had several delayed by a couple of hours and if you have connecting trains it can mess things up. At one stage we had 2 mins to get from one train all the way across the train station to the next train. But thankfully it only happened the once!

Last but not least enjoy every second of it, because the time does fly. Talk to the people in your room at your hostels, you'll meet so many people from different walks of life it will open up your eyes to the rest of the world. Also realize you’re not going to be able to do every single thing in every place that you go, we learnt this the hard way. But we still had a ball!

If anyone has any questions or wants any links to hostels, you can email me on I would be more then happy to help.

 Anyone else have any travelling stories?


Monday, 16 March 2015

Them Pearly Whites

So I am late to the band wagon with this one. Charcoal powder to make your teeth whiter?
I heard the old "saying" that back in the day people used ashes from the fire on their teeth but I thought it was another old wives tale!
Well I was severely wrong when I stumbled upon several bloggers raving about 'activated charcoal'.
So before purchasing the charcoal powder I thought I better do my homework and see if this method actually worked before possibly wasting my time and money.
BUT every blog post I read all came to the same conclusion. 
YES activated charcoal powder DID make your teeth whiter.

Now before you all start rooting around in your fireplaces there is a simpler method to obtain activated charcoal. I got mine at Holland and Barrett for around 6 or 7 euro.
You get 100 capsules in the container and the method is quite simple.

Take 1 or 2 capsules and open them up. 
(WARNING this stuff will stain your clothes if you get it on it. I cut the top off 
my capsules which can get messy as the powder puffs out of it but beauty is a pain right?)

Empty the contents into a glass and put in a teeny tiny drop of water so the powder goes into a paste form. Using a different toothbrush then my everyday one I put some of the charcoal paste of my brush and brush it onto my teeth.


Now this isn't a pretty sight as your mouth goes black as does your lips. 
But fear not its all in hope of them pearly whites. 
I leave the stuff on for a few minutes whatever you prefer yourself. It is recommended around 2-4 mins is enough time for it to work.
I then rinse my mouth out several times with water. 
The charcoal leaves your mouth feeling extremely clean.
Then taking my everyday tooth brush I wash my teeth as normal using Beverly Hills Perfect white BLACK tooth paste that contains activated charcoal.

I got this in a local pharmacy on sale for 3 euro. I know Supervalu does this tooth paste for around 6 euro!It does seem a bit steep for a toothpaste but it is worth it.
This toothpaste is again BLACK but fear not it is not as messy as the straight powder and it turns to white foam eventually and tastes just like any other toothpaste. 
Then I just floss as normal.

So is the mess of charcoal powder worth the hype?

I have been using both the powder and toothpaste for a while now now and I can see a significant difference especially when I wear lipsticks!
 I didn't take any photos before I started using it as I would prefer if my teeth were a bit straighter and didn't want to broadcast them to the world.
After a while I wont be using the powder every night as I read that twice a week would be fine after you notice a difference. But I will keep using the toothpaste as normal!

Anyone else try this method or have tried any other teeth whiteners?


Wednesday, 11 March 2015

15 pictures of 2015

1. We said goodbye.
2. New year, new me crap.
3. Rediscovering my love of books.
4. Lena Dunham showing me it's ok to be a little lost.

5. Day one. It snowed.
6.  It's my birthday I can cry if I want to.
7. The year of Alex and Ani
8. First flight of 2015
9. London Eye and Big Ben 
10. First time at the Zoo
11. The year of 50 shades, Pints and the Parody 
12. Ginger Jesus

13. It snowed. Again.
14. Too early for summer shopping?
15. Who knows what's in store....