Monday, 26 October 2015

Wishing my life away!

They are everywhere at the minute and I need to get my hands on one ASAP!

A Daniel Wellington look a like with half the price tag! A Christmas present that would make my year (hint, hint...)

It will never go out of fashion but for now my Penny's one will have to suffice. 

I want, I NEED!

I know it can look a bit 'tacky' for everyday use but for a night out it is perfect! Take a peek inside and you'll see why!

This jacket.*sigh* I tried it on in the shop and had to be pulled away from it. This picture does not do it justice. If you are in the shop try it on or at least touch it. Pricey but it would last FOREVER. 

Tights. Chunky Knit. Chelsea boots. Enough said.

I'm regretting not keeping the one I had when I was 12.... 

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Sligo Favourites

You would swear that I am a thousand miles from home and that I will never be home again.
 But there's nothing like being away for a while to make you appreciate how pretty 'home' looks. 
Some of these photos where taken in the summer so clearly the sunshine helps with how good they look. But Yeats didn't call Sligo 'The Land of Hearts Desire' for nothing....


Keash Caves

Knocknarea Trail 

Benbulen (climbed from the front)

Benbulen (climbed from the back, the proper way!)


Slish Wood  

Hazelwood (Lough Gill) 

All photos taken by moi and copyright © thislifediary 


Friday, 23 October 2015

*insert inspirational quote here*

If I waited until I felt like writing I would never write at all. 

I used to write nearly every day for years. I have a journal. One that I still keep and that features the tales and woes of my teenage years and the some tales of my terrible twenties (the early years, did I mention I am old now. like heading towards mid-twenites old aka my scary age.)
Then writing was every few weeks. Notepads where replaced by floppy discs and then it was on to the laptops. My first laptop I poured my heart and soul into a certain journal-esque word document that unfortunately (or fortunately; I haven't decided) will now never see the light of day thanks to my never ending unlucky streak of bad luck with laptops. But this blog of random ramblings is a nice way to keep all those memories, open for the random people of the internet to read.

 Anyway now writings has become a monthly thing and the fun of it seems to be lost in the every expanding pile of college work that is being laid out in front of us.
I am getting bogged down by a certain area the whole 'pulling news stories' out of my ass sort of area. But I have to keep reminding myself that this is what I always wanted to do.
To be a writer sounds like a stupid dream a 7 year old has after reading too many Roald Dahl books.
 But it is still what I want to be when I grow up. So I purchased a new journal.
That I am going to take with me everywhere, write down every idea, doddle, thought, feeling because there really is no better feeling than looking back and seeing, yes SEEING how you felt at that time.
 Words are like pictures. But they say a hell of a lot more than pictures.
Well would you look at me getting all inspirational and arty farty.
So where was I? YES writing. The window to my the soul. The way to make all the mumble jumble in your head make sense.

I write because I don't know what i think until I read what I say. 

I am not sure where I am going with this post. I think I am just feeling over whelmed with college, work and I haven't been home in 5 weeks so things are just a little strange. 
Unfamiliar but at the same tine I feel quite content.
 So yes this post is literally leading no where so I am off to sleep these 6 am starts are killer on the fabulous bags under my eyes. Bags that concealer just will not hide.

Chat yeah!