Friday, 11 July 2014

Catrice VS MAC

Flash back Friday to last year when I wrote this post! 
I wonder why I NEVER posted it. I think I was very much afraid of these beauty posts (still am) and the fact that know one would actually care.
*Those that matter don't mind*
*Those that mind don't matter*

BUT here's to not caring and sharing my thoughts (a year on) with you!(whomever you maybe)!

 Catrice may not be a high ranged cosmetic range but compared to those that are expensive and more popular they serve the exact same purpose for a quarter of the price and are good quality. 
From their nail polishes, foundations and mascaras they are a go to product for me and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. 
Last year I made a 'mid-year resolution' to wear more lipstick as I was never really into it. And a year on I have stuck to that resolution. (not one of  the hardest ones I have made ever made)

So while sticking to my 'wear more lipstick' facade I couldn't help but notice the shocking color similarities between Catrice 'Matt-erial girl' and MACS 'Rebel'.

There are obvious differences with the first being that Catrice has a more matt finish whereas Rebel has a more dewy glossy shine. Nonetheless I feel that when put side by side the two products are easily similar in color.

Now for those who don't believe me here are the two products Cartice on my top lip and MAC on the bottom. 

Anyone else find good dupes of MAC products?



Wednesday, 9 July 2014

"Salt in the air, Sand in my Hair"

Wherever I end up 'settling' down one day, one thing is for sure it WILL be beside the sea.
There is nothing more refreshing then taking a walk on the beach. 
Yesterday was one of those days. 

*failed attempt at a heart*

The sand dunes might not look like they are high! But give them a climb and get back to me!!

'Knocknarea' from the back
The view from the top of Knocknarea over looking Strandhill is a must see!

These next photos where taken another day but I couldn't help but share them!
LOVE it up there!

'Atop the sand dunes'

Hope you liked the photos!


Photos: (c)

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

"Don't follow me, I'm lost"

Playschool, national school, secondary school, college. 
Easy peasy.
It is all laid out in a LONG and lovely boring order. 
But it is easy to follow. You know what comes after what, there is no beating around the bush.

Well no one told me what would happen after college. 
I have a "degree". It was somewhat easy to achieve. 
But here I am, a year on from finishing the degree and I can't help but think....WHAT have I achieved???

The answer is plain and simple. Sweet...F....All. (excuse my french). 
Yes I got a new job with more hours then my last job. 
Yes I moved of my parents house(20 minutes from home to be exact)
Yes I have a new group of friends (having also drifted away from old friends, but clutching at the strings of those who I miss very dearly) 
But everyone around me seems to be going at a million miles an hour in a thousand different directions (England to be precise). In the last year and in the next few weeks (cue the tears) England has gained many of my nearest and dearest to which I respond.
You lucky duck.  

It was easy every year knowing what was coming next. December 31st might be the end of a year for some, but for the last 17 years each September brought with it a new chapter and a new adventure. 
Last September (2013) saw me for the first time without a new adventure, I wandered aimlessly to December convincing myself that it was my break, that in January I would settle down and figure out my plan for September 2014. Now as the second September looms closer and my nearest and dearest friends are literally in their "grown-up" jobs. I feel like I am being left behind and it petrifies me.  

I have begun questioning everything I have ever wanted to do. To write, be a journalist, and I have begun to be a sheep and think I will follow the crowd. Realistically do I want to be a teacher? No.

I feel like everyone has there life on track and I am just waiting for someone to turn to me and tell me they haven't figured it all out either. But what terrifies me more is that this year break will turn into another few years and I will wake up 30 with no career and no goals and nothing achieved and wonder where my life has gone.
This is a very deep post for a Tuesday.
I suppose realizing it now should make me kick my butt into gear.

Anyway here's to the summer, next week I am off on a month adventure so that is something to look forward to and I am grateful for the opportunity to even do it.
It's just what to do after that is the scary thought.

anyone else feeling a little lost? 


Monday, 7 July 2014

"Not all who wander are lost"

T-minus 12 days, 13 hours and so many minutes until we set off into the abyss of central Europe.
*que excited screams*

I'm not sure what way to take it. I am petrified and beyond excited all at the same time. 
We are travelling through 8 different countries, that's 8 different languages. Sometimes I have trouble just speaking English let alone trying to understand any other language. 

Munich: Germany
Prague: Czech republic
Bratislava: Slovakia 
Ljubana: Slovenia
Zagreb/Rjeka: Croatia
Budapest: Hungary 
Krakow: Poland
Warsaw: Poland
Berlin: Germany
Amsterdam: The Netherlands 

Tonight I do my trial packing, i.e me crying at the fact that half the clothes I want to take with me won't fit.
I recently picked up a backpack in Aldi for 25.99 which if I do say so myself was a bargain.
I feared that it would be too small, but having trawled through a bazillion instagram photos under the hashtag #interrailing. I can rest assured that it is more then enough!

Now what to pack. Since joining the blogsphere it has helped me in so many ways. The opinions and the advice from people all over the world has helped hugely.
Having trawled through a few blogs I came across the Travel Fashion Girl. I found this helpful and it mentioned things I would not have thought of, like flip-flops to wear in the shower in hostels? considering the amount of people coming and going in these places it is a must!!
The Lonely Planet is another one which has helped decide what to do and the best sights to see on our travels.
One blog which helped us kick start our travel preparations was One Year of Light. Anyone travelling around major cities of Europe needs to check it out. I found this blog on instagram and I am glad I did! Advice and places to stay as well as pretty photos and travel stories this blog helped me and my friends a lot! Go show it some love!

Now I'm off to do a trial run on the packing, wish me luck! EKKKK!