Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Catching up!

So I haven't done a blog post in a while and if you weren't already aware from my other blog post's I was on holidays in Magaluf, Majorca. The post holiday depression has been hitting me hard the last few days. From being surrounded by 5 other girls for the last 8 days to being on your own takes it's toll on you. Not to mention the whole alcohol withdrawals. 

If you told me in the morning that I had to go back I would be gone in a heartbeat. 

On our first night there we got in at half 9 local time and we went straight to our apartment to get ready for the first night in Magaluf. The first thing we were greeted with was rain. Now we had just left the scorching heat of Dublin (something that doesn't happen too often) so you can imagine to our dismay at having it rain on us while we sat down to have our first drink. Thankfully it didn't last too long. So the holiday was a typical     girls holiday, we drank too much, meet some boys, lay by the pool, may by the beach, fought, laughed so much and it the photographs, videos and free t-shirts weren't enough i have something that will remind me of them 5 crazy girls forever. And ever. Because this thing is never EVER leaving me. 

Yes folks, I got a tattoo. 

Some of the other girls got tattoos ranging from monkeys to ahem Story horse? But at the end of the day they are all on our arse's and they are not going to be on show too often. So a week on since I got it, and any regrets? Not one bit. Yes I had drink on me when I got if, I laughed the whole way through it but at the end of the day its healing fine and if I had to do it all over again I wouldn't hesitate. 

We all had a great time and the tan is keeping me happy for a while anyway. 

I wish I had chosen to work abroad this summer but I am defiantly one hundred and ten percent looking to go away next year working anywhere with some sunshine. 

Now I'm either off to bingo or off to sit in front of the telly. The stress of my life, I know!!! ;)