Wednesday, 25 June 2014

"Watch out for the Rams"

Monday was one of those days in Ireland where the sun gives us a rare glimpse at itself.
A day that I am glad I live in coastal Sligo.
With the day off work my housemates and I rounded up a few troops and decided that finally after the last few weeks of saying it, we were finally going to climb Benbulben.

For those of you who are not familiar with the place, Benbulben is a table top mountain in Sligo situated in an area of Sligo known as "Yeats" county. 

Having googled where abouts to start the climb we actually ended up on the wrong side of the mountain about to start a 1.5 hour walk around the base of the mountain.
This did look like it was going to have some fascinating sights of the mountain but we wanted to get on top of it.
RIGHT at the tippy top.

So we got there in the end, parked the car's on the side of the road and started the climb.

The "wrong" road

The "Right" road

See if you can spot my friends in the picture on the right (it will show how high up I was)

One of our many breaks!

Mountain "twerking"

"But first, lemme take a selfie" 

"The descent"

So this post was pretty jam packed with photos. 
But it was such a pretty day and the sky and Benbulben looked so nice. 

We did go about climbing it a bit arse ways. As in there is a proper route I THINK. 
Whereas we just headed straight up, jumped some gates, the odd barbed wire, dodged a few rams.
BUT we did make it back in one piece. 
Piece of advice: Proper walking shoes, WATER and do not even attempt if wet. 

Now I'm off to take care of some traveling plans, which will involve NO mountains!


Wednesday, 18 June 2014

"Unlucky is my middle name"

A while back me and my friend decided to hell with it we want to see more of the world and what it has to offer. 
There has to be more to the life than Ireland right?
So with that we decided inter-railing around Europe was the way to go. 
With a month booked off work, route decided we picked out where we wanted to start.
 We booked flights to Munich with another friend deciding last minute to come along.  
Now all we need was €450 each to purchase the elusive 30 day continues rail pass. 

Last week we had decided that FINALLY we were going to purchase the ticket. That was until my friend got tagged in a competition on Spin 1038  Facebook page with USIT sponsoring two free Interrail tickets for 30 days continuous travel.

Thinking that nothing would ever come of this we all commented on the picture. Having done this I said:

"It doesn't even matter I never win anything anyways" 

4.5 thousand comments.
2 thousand likes.


I had won. 

To say that I was happy wouldn't even begin to describe it. 
We saved ourselves a lot of money and I can sleep a little easier the last few nights knowing that I have a few extra euro in the bank and it was all thanks to USIT
I can not thank them enough. Whoever is looking down on me I owe you one.

Now roll on July. 

We are gonna get so lost and I can not wait.