Wednesday, 5 April 2017

The Denim Jacket

I much prefer being on that ^^^^ side of the camera.

As part of my 2017 Dreamzzz  post (you can read that here) I said that I would try and do fashion posts because ultimately that's were I want to see this blog/my career in Journalism going. 

So it's three months into the year and I hadn't done one yet and since the weather was nice last weekend I said I was going to bite the bullet and see what would come of it. I also know I'm not wearing the most fashionable outfit: it was a lazy Saturday but the jacket and jumper are new so hey ho!!

So here are the finished results.

*Inserting cringe worthy posey photos.........


      Denim Jacket: Primark (in shops now) 
   Top: Primark (in shops now)    
   Jeans: Topshop Joni Jeans  
Shoes: Vans 
Sunglasses: Primark 
Dog: One of a kind <3 

I am aware that I am by no means a fashion blogger or an expert, I wanted to do it for a laugh and to push myself out of my comfort zone and I can confirm it worked, so awkward: I mean look at my damn hands, what does one do with them in photos??? 

Photos: By my Mum
(I had her head wrecked god love her)


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