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Strike 4 Repeal

                   "I just want her to grow up somewhere that she has control over her own body"


The 8th of March 2017. 

Remember the date because it will be marked down in history as the day the Island of Ireland went on 'Strike 4 Repeal' of the 8th amendment. 

It also happened to coincide with International Women's Day.   

If you want to read more about why the people of Ireland went on strike Refinery 29 did a really informative article that can be found here and if you are interested and haven't read it yet I also wrote a blog post all about Abortion which can be found here.

At the strike I spoke with a grandmother who fought for contraceptive rights in the 70's and she couldn't believe she was still fighting for women's rights.

Two mothers brought their children to help them fight for their future and their rights to bodily autonomy.

This post is more for my own personal memories than anything else. 

Below are photos from the Sligo Strike for Repeal protest in Strandhill and some quotes from an article that I wrote for a local paper. 

(Source: The Sligo Champion)

Denise O’Toole, Convener of Repeal the 8th Sligo Abortion Rights campaign (ARC) said: “We strike in full confidence of a Repeal of the eight; we declare the right of the women of the Ireland to be trusted with decisions about their bodies, their health and their lives. In every generation the Irish residents have asserted their right to control their bodies, standing on that fundamental right we proclaim the need for free, safe and legal abortion across the Island of Ireland.”  

Lorelei Fox-Roberts brought her daughter along to the strike explaining the importance of involving children at a young age: “I involved her because I don’t want her to be defined and limited by this law too. I want her to grow up somewhere that she has control over her body. I think it is important for her to see at a young age that people can make a difference if they come out on the streets and stand up.”

Mary Nellany from Cloonamahon also involved her children in the strike: “I’m finished having children but I don’t want my daughters to die having a baby one day. Today is for them so they can have a choice, so they can decide for themselves.”

A group of Sligo Grandmothers said they turned up “to fight for women’s reproductive rights."

“We were in the fight for contraception in the 70’s and we can’t believe we are still fighting today, it shouldn’t be going on.” said Imelda Peppard from West Sligo.

Wendy Winter holding a ‘My body My Choice’ sign said was fighting for women’s Independence: “I think women are not given enough credit for their intelligence and their sense of personal responsibility. All the claims you hear about ‘if you legalise abortion all women will be rushing off to have abortions’ is rubbish, it’s a choice you make if you feel it is the right choice and in certain circumstances. You should be allowed make that choice, sometimes it’s the responsible choice to make.

“Women are treated like second class citizens in this country. I am here to support women in this country who have been fighting for so long to be heard, to be treated like adults if not at least like free independent human beings.” added Wendy echoing the sentiments of many of those who attended the event.   


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